Cocktail Table

Cocktail Table

    • Actual Size: 13 x 13

    • $45.00
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Get ready to elevate your event with our sleek and stylish Cocktail Tables! These compact and charming tables are the perfect addition to your party, creating a chic and functional space for your guests to gather around. Available in a rainbow of vibrant colors including blue, yellow, clear, pink, cyan, red, and green, you can mix and match to suit your party's theme or go all out with a burst of colors.

At a comfortable 13x13 inches, these tables are just the right size for placing drinks, appetizers, or creating a trendy mingling area. And the best part? They're only $45 each! So, you can easily add as many as you need to make your event pop with style.

Whether you're hosting a formal cocktail soirée or a lively gathering with friends, our Cocktail Tables are here to make your party a hit. Say cheers to great company and even greater style with these fabulous tables at the heart of your event!"

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